Call for event-based cultural projects

Call for event-based cultural projects

Invitation to Innovation and Creation in the Heart of Luxembourg

LUGA a.s.b.l, with the financial support of the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Agriculture,Food and Viticulture, offers artists, cultural players, environmentalists, scientists and innovators theopportunity to make unusual landscaped areas their own, to rethink urban space in such a way as toencourage the development of inter- and multidisciplinary dialogue on ecological issues. The exhibition – running from 7 May 2025 to 18 October 2025 – is designed as a time for experimentation and innovation.

During these six months, participants will have the opportunity to test new ideas, explore innovative concepts and develop ambitious projects. This period is conceived as fertile ground for pushing creative boundaries, exchanging knowledge and contributing to the emergence of avant-garde approaches in their respective fields. In short, it’s a dynamic period conducive to research, collaboration and the realization of innovative concepts.

LUGA Zones in Luxembourg City

The projects proposed in this call are spread along the banks of the Alzette valley, the Pétrusse valley (from Pont Adolphe to Place St Ulrich), the entire Edouard André municipal park, and around the Dräi Eechelen park, down to Pfaffenthal. In addition to these four specific geographical zones, project developers can propose initiatives that connect two or more of these zones, creating “Multizone” projects.

This invitation represents an exceptional opportunity to participate in an urban transformation initiative, fostering a rich and fruitful exchange between various disciplines, while contributing to the ecological and cultural development of Luxembourg City.

Objectives of LUGA projects

The projects proposed for the LUGA exhibition must integrate harmoniously into their environment, interacting with heritage, urban gardens and landscape and art installations. They must also meet the objectives of the LUGA program:

  • Engaging LUGA themes with innovation: Engage one or more of the major LUGA themes/areas with an innovative and captivating approach.
  • Ecological perspective: Conceptualise projects with an ecological approach or establish ecological links.
  • Accessibility to the general public: Design projects that appeal to a wide audience.
  • Making the invisible visible: Establish a link with the leitmotiv of “making the invisible visible”.
  • Reflecting on the human being and climate challenges: Question the place of human beings in a world faced with climate challenges.
  • Alternative lifestyles: Examine and present alternative lifestyles.
  • Social inclusion: Promote social inclusion.
  • Multidisciplinarity: Encourage a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Sustainable development: Convey to the public a visionary approach to sustainable development.
  • Activation of gardens and installations: Focus on and activate the exhibition’s gardens and installations.
  • Interaction and experimentation: Propose projects that encourage interaction and experimentation with visitors.
  • Embracing public space: Promote the adoption of public space as a meeting place and a place for social inclusion.
  • Ecological awareness: Encourage awareness-raising on ecological issues and, where appropriate, favour an educational and pedagogical approach.
  • Reappropriation of fallow spaces: Offer residents and visitors the opportunity to rediscover and reappropriate fallow spaces and their communities.
  • Recycled materials and circular economy: Use recycled or recyclable materials and circular economy methods.

Analogue and Upcycled Aesthetics

The LUGA helps us rediscover the fascination of our analogue world. Visitors will be encouraged to help preserve the environment by enjoying the pleasures of outdoor activities and the beauty of their city’s green spaces.

Project leaders are encouraged to use recycled and/or recyclable materials, operating with a thorough understanding of the limits of the world’s resources and the problems associated with over-consumption.


Application deadline: Tuesday, July 30, 2024.



Project leaders

  • Private individuals
  • ASBL
  • Other (public institutions, schools, colleges, foundations, citizens’ groups)

Types of eligible cultural projects linked to ecology and one or more of the LUGA’s major themes/areas and with an event-based character:

  • Cultural projects
  • Environmental projects
  • Scientific projects
  • Educational projects
  • Social projects