DiffMix Public Space Art and Design Contest in Differdange (Luxembourg)

DiffMix Public Space Art and Design Contest in Differdange (Luxembourg)

sep. 13 2021

In the framework of the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture, we invite creatives to submit proposals to redesign public space in Differdange (Luxemboug). The basic concept of this project is co-creation with the community, that’s why participants are asked to propose specific creative ideas involving citizens to be realized in 2022 - the year of the European Capital of Culture in Luxembourg. The aim is to create a collaborative approach blending art, technology, and materials to design appealing community places. You can submit proposals for up to five preselected locations, these include: two city squares, the front yard of an industrial heritage building, a historic city washhouse, and a park. Selected creatives will be invited to Differdange for a minimum of three days to implement their projects.

The citizens of Differdange will select the winners of this call, so make your proposal count! They want to understand what your creative vision is and how you will involve them. Each of the five locations will have up to three winners. The first prize is 1200 Euro, and this winner will normally be realizing their creative project. The second and third prize will receive 600 Euro each for their submission. In addition, you will also receive up to 15 000 Euro for the material and realization of your project.

Your creative proposal should include visualizations of the project and describe the collaborative process, meaning how you plan to include citizens in your work (e.g. co-creation, workshops, etc.). Each project should result in functional art that will be showcased during the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture.

Need more information? Here are some FAQs:

What kind of locations need to be redesigned? Citizens selected a list of five places in Differdange and surrounding areas that could use an artistic interventions. Have a look at the chosen locations here.

Who can apply? Individuals, artistic companies or associations, artist collectives from the European Union can apply. You can particiapte as a team, but the travel stipend will not increase and the transformation costs are defined per location.

What is the prize money? Each location has a first (1200 Euro), second and third prize (each 600 Euro). The maximum budget per intervention is 15 000 Euro. A travel flatrate is also provided. The winners will be published in the media as well as in the official Esch2022 communication.

What should be included in the submission?

  • A minimum 2 visualizations of your transformation in sufficient quality (sketches, photos, 3D simulations — up to you!)
  • A descriptive text for the DiffMix website (include a short introduction to win over the citizens in about 200 words!)
  • The language of the submission is ENGLISH
  • Get more information about the contest requirements

What is the timeframe?

  • 05.08. - Launch of the Call - Submission opens on our website 
  • 15.10. at 12:00 CET - NEW Submission deadline
  • 15.10. - 29.10. - technical revision of the submissions / discussion with artists
  • 30.10. - 18.11. - voting
  • 19.11. - 25.11. - announcement of the results & winners
  • End of 2021  - only for winners: clarification of projects & implementation requirements
  • First half of 2022 - implementation of the winning projects in Differdange

In case you have any questions about submission process, please contact us at contest@diffmix.lu

About DiffMix: This initiative is part of DiffMix, a cultural project within the broader context of Esch2022. DiffMix strives to use artistic interventions in the public space, thus transforming them into community spaces with the participation of the residents. “Diff” is for “Difference” and for “Diffusion” of space, art and people, and “Mix” is for the mixture of the needs of the inhabitants with the possibilities of art creations.