European Platforms for the promotion of emerging artists

European Platforms for the promotion of emerging artists

juil. 01 2021


This action will support projects that aim to increase the visibility and the circulation of European emerging artists and works outside their own borders, in Europe and beyond. It also seeks to increase access to and participation in cultural events and activities, as well as audience engagement and development. Such projects are also designed to contribute to the implementation of EU policy priorities in the culture field. In this regard, the circulation of artists and works can contribute to the activation of new and/or more sustainable cultural public spaces.

For the purpose of this action, projects shall establish Platforms that can be defined as showcase/springboard platforms composed of a coordinating entity and member organisations with a common artistic editorial and branding strategy.

Themes and priorities (scope):

Further to the above-mentioned objective, proposals should mainstream the following themes and priorities:

  • supporting emerging artists and cultural professionals and building adequate responses to the needs and challenges to support the internationalisation of their careers, which could include new models of creation, showcasing and exhibition, export strategy and distribution, and mobility and exchange
  • promoting a fair, inclusive and diverse environment for emerging artists, looking particularly at effective ways to tackle the gender gap and fight discrimination. From this perspective, promoting equal opportunities, better working conditions and fair remuneration will be a strategic feature of proposed projects
  • contributing to increasing the sectors’ environmental sustainability and awareness by demonstrating a capacity to propose and develop practices that contribute to the European Green Deal

All proposals should present a needs analysis and a substantiated strategy on how the above themes and priorities will be tackled.

Activities that can be funded (scope):

Activities shall be implemented in order to: (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • train and nurture emerging talent;
  • provide cultural organisations of all sizes and types with the opportunity to co-produce, cooperate and learn, by supporting these organisations with financial incentives (re-granting) and offering emerging artists concrete and professional opportunities;
  • help emerging artists to reach a new and diverse audience and develop their careers by giving more visibility to their talent and work outside their borders, across Europe and beyond;
  • Etc.

Eligibility and admissibility conditions: as described in the Call document.