European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations

European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations

juin. 08 2021


The support to European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations action intends to enhance the capacities of European cultural and creative sectors to face common challenges and nurture talents, innovate, prosper and generate jobs and growth.

This action will support projects implemented by highly representative, multi-country, membership-based networks of European cultural organisations, which cover a wide range of Creative Europe participating countries. Networks must have a shared mission, governance rules, and members' rights and obligations, as formally specified (in "statutes" or equivalent) and agreed upon by its members. Networks should be composed of a coordinating entity and its members.

European networks exclusively covering the audio-visual sector are not eligible for funding under this action.

Themes and priorities (scope)

In the current context, there is a need to promote fair, inclusive and diverse frameworks supporting artists and cultural and creative professionals. This includes effective mechanisms to ensure the cultural sector offers diversity, inclusion and equality for all, promotes effective ways to tackle the gender gap and related divides, and fights discrimination. From this perspective, promoting better frameworks, working conditions and remuneration for all cultural and creative professionals to thrive becomes a key strategic consideration, among others.

The cultural and creative sectors should also contribute to the European Green Deal, in particular by encouraging these sectors to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices. This is in line with the objective of the European Union to mainstream climate actions in all of its policies, with an overall target of 30% of the EU budget allocated to support climate objectives.

Applicants must consider these two cross-cutting issues in the design and implementation of their projects.

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