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Preparatory Action "Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities"

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The Covid 19 crisis has deeply affected the cinemas and has changed the cinema going experience in a dramatic way. This action will continue the support to cinema in creating innovative cultural hubs around cinema theatres, notably in areas where there is limited cinema and cultural infrastructure and where the crisis has had a very strong impact.

Local cinemas have been bringing communities together, enhancing local cultural life and playing an important social inclusion role. They are providing education opportunities and contribute to the local economy, being a vector for urban development in the longer term. Their cultural, social and economic impact should be revamped after the disruption of the Covid 19 crisis. However, the pandemic crisis will require new instruments of interaction and in turn new business models for the exhibitors and for the community around the cinemas.

This action should support the creation of innovative cultural venues and empower cinemas to innovate and play a more important role in their local communities, within the security measures that the pandemic crisis has imposed. Therefore, new forms of cooperation with online platforms and other operators will have to be established. This action will support audience development activities encouraging cinemas to provide access not only to audiovisual content through all means, but also to other cultural content and services, as well as educational activities and/or entertainment activities for young audiences.

Eligible applicants
Proposals should be submitted by cinema exhibitors or cultural organisations, being any of the following applicants:

  • non-profit organisation (private or public);
  • profit making entities.

Natural persons are not eligible.

General notice for UK applicants: In conformity with the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement1, the UK and persons or entities established in the UK continue to be eligible to receive Union funds under actions carried out in direct, indirect or shared management, which implement Union programmes and activities committed under the MFF 2014-2020 until the closure of those Union programmes and activities. When restrictions apply, these will be clearly specified in the call for proposals.

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