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Open applications for this year’s fellowship in Slovenia - foreign publishers, editors, journalists

Autre | Littérature

Study-journey for foreign publishers, editors, journalists between 21-24/25 August.

This year’s fellowship will take place between 21-24/25 August and will host up to 10 international publishers and editors of fiction and non-fiction as well as journalists covering cultural topics and literary event managers/festival organizers.

During the fellowship participants will have the opportunity to meet various translators from Slovenian into foreign languages, who will be taking part in the translation seminar in Maribor (21-24 August), visit a networking event with Slovenian publishers, learn about financing opportunities for publishers of Slovenian literature abroad and enjoy day trips to relevant destinations and events in Slovenia, such as the international Days of Poetry and Wine Festival in Ptuj (21-24 August).

Application deadline: May 15, 2019.
Application form and more information here.


Slovenian Book Agency


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Bénéficiaire: Individuel
Résident / nationalité du bénéficiaire: EU, LU, Autre