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The Future of Cultural Institutions


Résidence | Autres

 From September 13 to October 11, 2019

Cultural institutions around the world see how the circumstances and spaces that created them and that make sense of them change. Culture changes and the world changes, the audiences and the knowledge they want to transmit change and the distances between spectators and producers change. Everything changes, as does the legitimacy and authority of those who can decide how knowledge is shared because the identity of those who can say it changes.

Can we put a museum into a smartphone? What are the limitations of mediators? Do museums make sense in the 21st century? What responsibility do cultural managers have and what margins of manoeuvre? How do we redefine spaces in an era as accelerated as ours? Can we democratize these spaces and, if so, what mechanisms and boundaries do we find? What is the role of administration and business? Public or private? These and many other questions will be debated in Faber during the stay “The future of cultural institutions”.

For all these reasons, we appeal to managers, directors or workers of diverse cultural institutions, historians, economists, politicians, cultural journalists, artists, actors, musicians and researchers and professionals in this area. We want to discuss the challenges faced by institutions such as museums, libraries, foundations, cultural centres and all kinds of facilities.

Application deadline: July 12, 2019

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