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Play until United

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Antropical is a research-based artistic residency established in 2016 within the wider frame of the Kolla festival. Every year, it welcomes  international practitioners across disciplines for three weeks in the natural reserve of Steinfort in Luxembourg. This year the residency will take place between the 02.08.2019 and 22.08.2019
Kolla Festival acts as a playground, in which people can safely experiment,  interact and create without the competitive pressure of society. Drawing from this idea, we now wish to make play our tool for connecting with other communities (natural or human) to widen the microcosm of Kolla. In 2019, we are therefore investigating the definitions of play  and its power as a uniting factor within and between communities.​​

Any discipline and level of experience is welcome.

For more detailed information, visit our website.

How to apply

1) go to: 
2) Carefully read all the information about the Kolla Festival and the Antropical residency program.
3) Fill out the online application form (Deadline round #1 26 April 2019; round #2 24 May 2019) in english please. The residency is in english as we welcome an international group or artists.
We want to hear your opinions about the type of residency we are and about this year’s theme. We expect the applicant to be critical and honest. Antropical is a research community residency. We are interested to hear your thoughts, not what you have done in the past. NO project proposal! Do not answer the questions as though it was a project proposal.
Challenge us and yourself. We want you to contribute to our ongoing research. 
4) Week 25.05.19-02.06.19: Successful applicants will be invited to a (skype) interview with the crew. 
Don’t try to be someone you are not, we don’t like that. All levels of professional is ok for us. Lifelong learning is our mantra.


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